The easiest and more effective recipe I ever did!

You will need:

- Some virgin coconut oil (organic is best!)

- Some grounded coffee (organic is best too!)

- a glass jar with lid (no need to buy one, just use a old marmelade or baby food one!)

In a bowl blend 4 spoons of coffee with 2 spoons of coconut oil (you probably will need to warm it up before). Pour in your jar and that's all!

You can use your new body scrub in the shower after using soap. No need to soap after, you will keep a smooth, hydrated and super soft skin. Say bye bye to dead cells! If you have a little bit of cellulitis don't forget to massage it, caffeine is really effective on it!

Tip #1:Be careful and avoid using your new white bath towel... Coffee can stain it. Tip #2: to avoid waste use the grounded coffee that you use for your own coffee. I keep mine in an open container that I placed in the fridge and I fill it everyday until I have enough to make my body scrub. Tip #3: avoid using you coffee scrub if you just finish to clean your shower! You absolutely don't want to do it again right? Personally, I wait until I need to clean my bathroom and shower to use my scrub ;)

Did you try? And so, what did you think? Did you enjoy? Please let me know what you think about this super easy recipe.

I can't wait to know so please leave a comment ;) Enjoy your day! Lucie

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