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Lots of us (well, four is a lot no?) ask me some question about the natural toothpaste I did this week.

It's a very simple and effective recipe that will save you money. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare and will allow you to reduce all the harmful ingredient that you can find in commercial toothpaste! I am very glad to share it with you today!

You will need:

- Two spoons of white kaolin clay. (you can find some just here)

- Two spoons of virgin coconut oil (organic is also better!).

- half a spoon of sodium bicarbonate.

- 10 drops of peppermint essential oil (for the freshness and breathe)

- 8 drops of tea tree essential.

- a small glass jar with lid. (if it's transparent store out of light so oils don’t degrade).

- a bowl (ceramic or plastic but nor metallic)

- a spoon or something to stir (don't use a metal one!)

There is a jar of water on the picture but actually we don't need it! ;)

Mix the coconut oil, clay and sodium bicarbonate together. Then add the oils and pour in your container! That all! You can use your new toothpaste for 3 weeks only. After that you will need to make a new fresh one.

Don't expect it to fizz! It's strange because we all have for habits to use fizzy toothpaste but we adapt quickly ;)

Thanks you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and that you will try this recipe too! Let me know about your experience!Next step for me is to make my own dish washing and my own deodorant! I will post the recipe when I would have find a good and effective recipe!


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