At least I did it.

Sometimes I feel like I need to write.

Some thoughts.

Some articles to share.

Or just some captions on my Instagram pictures.

To write with more sincerity, things personal, reals and more vibrants than what I usually wrote. In French I can do it. In English it’s hard. Really hard. I feel stuck, ridiculous, and so afraid. My vocabulary is so limited, my conjugaison really bad and should I talk about grammar? - I guess no. So, I just stopped to try.

I was scared to write for nothing too. To write things that nobody read. To ask questions that nobody even answer.

But now I just don’t care anymore. I just want to write whatever who read or don’t read. I have no goal, no intention.

"The less you expect the more you'll be pleased".

I just want to do it. Just need to do it. So just let's do it.

I just need to express myself by writing, but not just on a piece of paper or on a word document which will be in the bin as soon as I wrote it. To put some words on my feelings, my experiments, my life, to tell my little aventures, it’s just what I need. Nothing crazy. Noting really interesting but who cares?

I guess this last few weeks working exclusively from home, half time alone, without anybody to speak during the day, helped me to take the decision to write. So it’s finally a good thing.

And then, fuck my bad English, fuck the spelling mistakes, I will write in French, my native language and if I am in the mood I will try to translate it in english, as I can, with my lack of vocabulary and with messy sentences. I will try to keep it sincere and understandable.


I'm writing. And if nobody read I just don’t care.

Sometimes I feel like I need to write. That why today I posted my first personal article on my blog. This one. A really short one, like an introduction explaining why I need it.

Feel free to read. Or not. At least I did it. Lucie

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