HOW TO GROW A MONSTERA FROM SEED - My Monstera Nursery experience

Hello there! If you follow me on my social media channels than you probably already know my deep deep love for Monstera Delisciosa.

It’s by far my favorite plant out there! To say I am obsessed is an understatement!

I love how majestic she looks, the shape of her leaves, the way she grows indoor yet has an inner wildness about her. I just love this plant like crazy!

I wrote an article about the very first one I had [ just here ]

Today I decided to share with you how to grow monstera seeds. It’s quite easy and quick to make them sprouting, but you will need patience to grow your seeds into a beautiful, big plant.

The First step is to find seeds.

Unfortunately you can’t just buy them. That would be too easy and nowhere near as satisfying! It’s important for the seeds to be as fresh as possible, so this means you can’t find them in a nursery. The Seeds are hidden inside the Monstera fruit.

Here in Australia it’s quite easy to find, there is Monstera everywhere in the streets! The important thing to look for is that the fruit is at a good stage of development to contains seeds, that’s the triccky part ! It took me 5 fruits to find one with seeds in it! Lucky now I know what ones to look for that will contain the seeds for me to grow! But sometimes these ones can be empty too! It’s a big emotional roller coaster for me to find one, open it and find nothing. Anyway, you will need to find a fruit with seeds in it as a first step ! The fruit should look big with large hexagonal shapes. If you twist it some room will appear between the shape, if not it’s not ready !

Then you will need some cotton balls, a nursery box (I got mine from Aldi but you can also find it at Bunnings for a few dollars), some water and some sun (and also some love hun?!)

That’s all! Do you remember the beans and lentills sprouting you did at Preschool? It’s the same technique! See I told you, easy! If you don’t want to invest in a mini glasshouse you can take a plastic container, and create a lid with some cling wrap fixed with rubber tape and small holes popped with a knife). Put some coton balls on your box, and add water to them. The cotton balls have to be full of water.

To open the fruit twist it so it breaks in two parts.

Then peel it.

Seeds are hidden inside the core of each hexagonal shape. You can find one seed per core, or one seed per fruit, it’s just luck !

Put the seed on the cotton, spray some water on it and close the box ! place the box in a sunny area (but not just behind a window) and spray every 3 days.

Now wait patiently ! Roots will appear afeter two weeks, then the first leaf will grow in the first two months ! When the leaf is totally developed you can carefully transfer your baby into a pot with soil. Don’t forget to put some rocks at the bottom of the pot for better water evacuation, monstrera don’t like to have wet feet.

Now it’s time to grow Babes!

Here are some photos of my last babies evolution!

day 1:

day 8:

day 20:

I will post some other photos of the evolution. Maybe every two weeks, so feel free to come back to see how they grow ;)

After a few weeks:

after a few months:

At this stage, so when the plant is about 10cm high and the roots system is quite developed you can carefully plant them in soil. I personally put 3 or 4 seeds in one small pot (10cm diameter). I did use some indoor potting mix with some perlite (1/3 ) and I put some rocks at the bottom of the pot to get a good drainage.

This is how the biggest looks like today, so 10 months after:

If you have any questions feel free to comment on my post or send me an email!

If you do take the challenge and grow your first Monstrera then please tag me on Instagram as I’d love to see them!

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