Last week Gaston the brush tail Possum jumped directly into my burrito tail hanging basket... You can imagine the disaster! This plant is really fragile, she can lose a leaf as soon as you touch it so imagine a big possum directly in the pot...I was so angry against him and so sad for my plant.

I decided to take all the broken piece and try to save them but growing some new roots in the water.

First step was to properly cut the vines with clean scissors, take off some of the leaves to let the end of the vine naked let them drying a few day to avoid the cut the rot. After a few days I just put the cuttings in the water and placed them in a bright light spot. Roots started to appear after a few days.

When the roots was long enough I put the different cuttings in some succulent soil. So now I have a baby burrito tail! I will keep her in a safe spot in the house fo sure!

Here is an updated photo of my baby. Can you spot the difference of color? The "blue/green" parts are the new grown. Cute isn't?

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